APF Training/Simulation Rifles

APF Training/Simulation Rifles

APF is proud to present to Alhambra Police Dept. a set of training/simulation rifles!

These training/simulation rifles will greatly enhance the classroom experience and aid in the efficient familiarization of a staple law enforcement tool. The training/simulation rifle is an Airsoft Gas Blow Back rifle designed to replicate its real life counterpart down to the last detail.

The benefits of this realism include:

  • Safety training on weapons platform without the danger of live firearms and ammunition.
  • Muscle memory training and conditioning.
  • Weight training.
  • Tactics and maneuvers.
  • Manipulation and handling.
  • Familiarization with the platform before live fire training for more confidence and effectiveness.
  • Continued safe and effective training away from work for advancement in skills.

These are custom engraved with the Alhambra Police Foundation emblem on the receiver as a special thank you to all the hard working men and women who serve and protect and those who continue to train everyday to stay sharp.